Meet Patti

Patti Miller

Hello, I’m Patti Miller, CMP

As someone who brings 29 years of successful hospitality management experience to the table, my goal is to provide more value to your conferences than you ever dreamed possible. Not only will I work with you to meet your meeting goals, but I will help take the stress and burden that inevitably accompanies the successful planning of a conference off of your shoulders. Together, we will work to save you more time, and ultimately money, and WOW your attendees with a well planned event. How does this happen you might ask? After learning some great lessons over the years of planning alongside brilliant and wise mentors, teams and clients; I have come to realize the important skills involved in planning successful meetings and conferences require the ability to: be obsessively attentive to details…flexible on changes…open to new ideas, offer creative solutions… be accountable… and inspire and maintain a “team spirit” throughout the process . 

If you’re like most of my clients, planning a single conference is probably not your only responsibility. I am able to help free you up to complete those tasks with greater focus and creativity. That’s because, over the years, I have learned countless “do’s” and “don’ts” and have designed proven event planning methods that will get you to your desired goal easier, save you the less hassle and stress and bring you confidence with a professional meeting planner on your team.

What motivates me?

Partnerships and industry relationships are of utmost value. Communication is everything. By harnessing the power and importance of these relationships, we will capture competitive rates and terms and we will strengthen our respective missions! My mission is to seek out every way I can to make a difference. I am motivated with an eye for detail and value on communications to inspire and ensure (together) we have raised awareness and quality of service at the venue.  I am motivated to meet your your end goal. Whether its to create a smooth event within budget, support the meeting purpose in an environment that opens up communication and take-aways, or create the atmosphere and content for inspiration, appreciation and cultivate AH-HA moments. Whatever your goal, I am motivated to share collective wisdom and support you and your team to ensure you achieve it.

Professional bio

Patti Miller is a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) who supports organizations with her specialty craft of meeting planning and marketing the events. She excels in building strong industry partnerships and is dedicated to the desired outcome for each conference. She enjoys leadership opportunities, embraces new technologies and inspires the planning team and venue staff to provide a high level of customer service.

Patti began her career in the convention industry in 1988, working as a trade show and public relations specialist for a multi-housing association in Arizona. During this time, she was exposed to the hospitality industry, and soon shifted her focus to pursue this as a career.  From catering and convention service management positions to those in sales and marketing at various resorts in Arizona, Patti discovered her flare for meeting planning and marketing and ultimately meeting and association management.

In 1996, she earned her CMP distinction and created her own hospitality and project management company, where she procured venues and organized meetings and helped organizations grow their conference and improved their meeting experience.

In 2003, Patti joined with long-time industry associates to form a team of experienced planners who had various hospitality and association management expertise. The result is the team at Premier Event Resources (PER), and she hasn’t looked back since.

Patti continued to advance her education through Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Convention Liaison Council (CLC), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), and the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), as well as Leadership Consulting programs for a Facilitator designation.

She has earned designations of Certified Meeting Planner and Facilitator certification.